The Soul Of A Soldier

Here we sleep in death betrayed but honored in name
So for you of little faith and governing powers can keep that peace
For which we few paid the ultimate price only a soldier will pay

In time our children shall come to understand
When and how our fate was changed by the hand of mankind
Only then can you measure our worth and resolve against the actions
We did indeed undertake for the name of liberty

Dare we call from beneath this cross of stone,
Always reminding you of the confusion from history...

What lessons have you learned…
Will you repeat the past mistakes of your ancestors
who walked in this world before…

Can we rest from the toils of battle at peace, with the
Understanding that history will show the distinguished
Who have fallen will live on in the hearts and actions of men
Who remember the injustice from the past…
Or will you fall victim to events we ignored…

by Gary G Willmore

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