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My Darkness
KK Kiele Kane ( / )

My Darkness

Why leave when you know ill follow? ,
Why say i love you when you back away and leave? ,
I cry every time you come into my mind,
I hate you for leaving me alone,
You left my heart unmended,
Now it gapes with hate for you,
I try to love again but my heart says no,
I try to forget you, i cant,
The love is still there, i know u sence it, Because i sence it too,
Then why dont you come back? ,
But this is somthing for me not to speak, Aloud or answer,
Because you, you know that answer,
You know my sorrow and love for you,
I know your there,
Hiding in the shadows,
Because you made me and i made you see not blood, hate or death,
But somthing more,
Somthing that can not be spoken or sealed With a kiss.
Its me and you belonging together in the stand of time...

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