My Darling Amy

Poem By Josie Brooks

My darling Amy,
I stand here every day,
I know you will no longer feel pain,
Because you have gone away.

My darling Amy,
I remember when you were taken from me,
I remember the ache, the loss,
I know now you are free.

My darling Amy,
I stand at your grave,
I know I have to carry on,
I know I have to be brave.

My darling Amy,
I don't understand,
You were getting better,
I was holding your hand.

My darling Amy,
I wish to you I could tell,
That now you're gone,
Each day is a living hell.

My darling Amy,
I still see your smile,
I still hear your voice,
This makes me happy (at least for a while)

My darling Amy,
I wish you could see,
How much I love you,
How much you mean to me.

My darling Amy,
Don't worry about me,
Soon I'll be with you,
Soon I'll be free.

My darling Amy,
Soon I will see you,
Soon we'll be together,
My darling Amy.

Comments about My Darling Amy

This poem is personal, powerful, and emotional. But thats about it. Now that's a lot. But poems need something other than emotion to be memorable and ultimately meaningul beyond the emotions they create. That's why I gave this a 7. In the end, sadness needs beauty more than tears. GW62
One can feel the sadness. Beautifully expressed.
Dear Josie, A very moving Poem, such sorrow and deep loss, time will mellow the feelings only time has such great healing power, thank you for sharing your beautiful and sad poem. Love from David
Moving and sad, Keep the good thoughts. Colin J...

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