My Darling Daughter

Poem By shreya koppaka

The place was buzzing, the scene was set,
People were pouring in, everything was perfect,
The decorations were delightful, the food looked appetising,
The groom was handsome, and the bride was blushing,
The father spoke so before the bride was going away,
'I want to share some thoughts and have something to say,
To the groom of how lucky you are going to be,
As you are going to spend your life with someone so dear to me,
I swear to god the day I saw her,
I knew I had an angel for a daughter,
She is so precious, the apple of my eye,
That I can’t stand to see her cry,
So special her presence has made everyday of mine,
That I wonder how fast has passed so much of time,
I still remember her first step,
And she falling asleep peacefully on my leg,
I remember watching cricket matches with her till midnight,
And how in every word of mine she took delight,
I remember her massaging my hair with oil,
I repairing the electronic instruments which she would spoil,
Our talks about income taxes and share markets,
And she seeking my advice to achieve her targets,
She trying to make her first cup of coffee,
And eagerly waiting for an approval from me,
All that’s over its hard to believe,
She is all grown up and ready to leave,
So because you are everything to her from now on,
Let me tell you she was my princess from the day she was born,
I am giving you a piece of my heart,
Take good care of her like she were your body part,
That’s all I would say before my eyes start to water,
I am giving you the sunshine of my life, my darling daughter',
After saying this the bride’s whisper he heard,
'Papa you are always my hero and the in best in the world.

Comments about My Darling Daughter

thanks for this lovely write...made me think of my daughters..who are very far from me now daughters are very special to dads
What a wonderful tribute!
Gave me goosebumps! ! So sweet! Sincerely, Mary

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