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My Daughter
TS (20.05.1991 / Bathinda)

My Daughter

O My daughter, My Daughter,
I am sorry, so Sorry,
I couldn't save you,
I tried, I requested,
But they murdered you,
Killed you in the womb,
They betrayed me,
My Husband, My in-laws,
They took me to the doctor,
With a lie, with a cruel plan,
They told me a lie and said,
We are going for routine check up,
But with a great conspiracy,
Greedy Doctor injected me,
In my unconsciousness,
Their plan was in progress,
Doctor and my in-laws did plan together,
They have killed my Daughter.
My Daughter came into my dreams,
And told me about her pain,
Her dreams of watching this world,
all are useless and all are in vain,
She wanted to live with me,
And I too wanted to accompany her,
But a game of discrimination
between daughter and son,
Won over precious life of my daughter,
I want you to be in my life dear daughter,
But greedy in-laws & corrupted doctor,
Killed you in my womb, killed my daughter.

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A nice poetic imagination, Tanveer S. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks