MM (2 September 1991 / Jakarta)

My Dawn Shall Never Born

It is me,
Again with a bended knee.
Beneath the freeze dark air,
This is the last soul I could bare.

It's true I own my dream,
Though some times I need to scream.
But oh, how could I relieve?
If there's no one I shall believe.

There's a moment I stepped wrong,
And it handcuffed me too long.
Love is not just a healer,
Pain is just to come and be a killer.

Well, I thought I did my life,
While some parts I'm too weak to dive.
Time is taking me to the mere of tear,
And no one's there to pull my fear.

Fight me, oh world,
Though I am too easy to be hurt.
You look, my nights live because of my mourn,
That's why my dawn shall never born.

The core of mine has been hollowed,
There's no way could be followed.
I am enough swallowing my life-long ego,
And now, it's just heaven I want to go.

My soul has been lack of passion,
since the world painted me black.

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