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My Day

I open my eyes
To the morning sunrise
After dreaming of her
And how great off we are

Taking a shower
Half past the hour
Trying to look my best
For the lady who I'm obsessed

School is only minutes away
While walking on the way
I can't help but wonder
How my day would be without her

At school I know I'll see her in the hall
Even though the time is always small
It still feels great to give a hug and a kiss
It gives me a couple seconds of bliss

Sitting down in class day dreaming
While my entire body is screaming
To hold her in my arms right now
Always wondering where, when, and how

At lunch I'm always by her side
Even though we're inside
She always seems to be cold
So her hand I always hold

The school day is about to end
But somehow its always hard to comprehend
That my day physically with her is done
And soon for track I'll have to go run

After track I can get on the phone
And go to my room so I'm alone
Call her and hope she's there
Talking like this though seems unfair

Answering was her father
Isn't that big of a bother
He does give the phone to her
But her answering I would prefer

We talk for as much as we can
It's like this since our relationship began
Our conversation is filled with 'I love yous'
The word love we always abuse

We always end it kinda slow
But we both know we have to go
Then I just lay down on my bed
With thoughts of love running through my head

Then I just close my eyes
Waiting for the sunrise
I slowly start having my usual dream
With her as the main theme

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Langston Hughes


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Very beautiful, heartfelt poem.