My Dear

The flow from the analytical to this filthy disposition
A feeling from the mind to the heart a mission
Never a touch or for something to render, but real
Intangible and faceless, but my heart you steal
Sadness and sorrows, are days I left behind
You always shined with your lights so sublime
I miss how much we used to roll around town
And the light you showed me lit up so astound
Uninvited, outa blue but I couldn't fight it
You came into my life, the wrongs right it
And how we used to roll, we were so tight
The heart you held, its the heart to fight
The brightest star, azure mist you shone light
Halo around your being, citations a holy spell
Sparkle a hold, a hope, a heart you can tell
Around me cast your dreams, your holy meld
Deep fantasies a dream in you I held
Of a better tomorrow, we bury our pasts
Invest in us, a love, something that'll last
Upon the heavens, an angel you fell
My heart, my soul to you I would sell
I love you so dearly, and this you won't comprehend
A race to my dear, someone to call a friend

by Nam Hoang

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