(July 19 1983 / )

My Dear Best Friend

Oh my most beloved and dear best friend
may God bless you to feel me there
by your side as in spirit I hold you close
giving the sweetest kisses with all my love and warmth.
You are my only one and everything,
you are my dear best friend who I want
here with my side by side and hand in hand
through all eternities time as two people
deeply and unconditionally in love like we are.
I love you my dear best friend and always will
because you're the only Angel I'll ever want and need.

Oh my dear best friend do you remember
like I 17 years ago tonight as kids
that fun and wonderful night we spent together?
We never declared it a date because we
were to shy and it was just a school thing,
but a date I guess it was,
and on that night I knew with no doubt
what I had already suspected,
that you were cemented in steel in my heart
and that I'd love you forever no matter what.
I knew at 15 for sure you were the one for me
and I've been yours since that date.
God bless you my best friend because you're
the greatest Angel Queen any man could ever
pray to know and have.

So my dear and most beloved best friend
you will always be treasured, adored,
cherished, and my gorgeous hero to no end,
you truly are my everything whom I'll never leave
because I just want to hold and kiss you
through all time to no end forever being
your Angel, King, and hero as well.
We're two best friends so in love
and it hurts like hell to be away from you.
I love you babe you're my best friend
and in my eyes the most perfectly beautiful woman
that there is anywhere.
I just want to give you all I have
and forever be your perfect man.

My sweet dear and best friend I so adore
I do have my flaws just like all
but you know I'll always give my best to those I love,
and I love you more than anyone in this world can know,
you are the most precious jewel that
I have ever seen or felt inside and you know
the sense of feel I hold in me.
You're all I want and all I want to forever hold
within my arms to sweetly kiss and give my love.
You're my best friend and only love
and I pray and ask that you'll return oh so soon
so we can dry each others tears and heal our hearts
which are so filled with care for the one we
both consider our best friend and true love
through a bond so blessed and strong that
it can't be broken but by us two
and I know we both feel so strong we deep down
don't ever want to see it go.

by Michael P. McParland

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