My Dear Cigarette

Poem By Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

My dear cigarette
Now I shall have to
Depart from you
I have realized
Your company is not
Good for me
In the disguise
Of a friend
You are an enemy
To me
I candidly admit
When I was alone
You gave me company
When I was tense
You relaxed me
When I used to drink
You increased my
When I was young
With you, I felt modern
All said and done
You damaged my lungs
Your smoke causes
Irritation too many
Damages their health
As it damaged mine
Kills people before time
Your smoke is
No less than a fire
Which burns?
A person from inside
I do not want
Others to accept
Your gift of cancer
As I did
Now I bid
Farewell to you

Comments about My Dear Cigarette

Another poem on the adverse effect of cigarette smoking, but the smokers have failed to realize their mistake. I feel sad for these people..

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