My Dear Friend

Poem By Piccola Topo Gigio

I hear that you're in trouble,
I hear that you're in doubt.
I hear you need to express,
Yet know not how to address.

So I don't understand.
I thought you'd comprehend,
That I'd be by your side,
If ever you'd decide.

And surely do not be ashamed,
As friends do not abandon each other,
Nor do they turn their backs on one another.

I'm always here my friend,
Taking you by the hand,
Helping you again, to stand.

And not to hesitate.
For my doors are open wide.
Every day and every night.

My heart will be your harbor,
Every minute, every hour.
Just because, you're my friend.

Comments about My Dear Friend

Nice rite.....Best friends are thier always...they shoudn`t have to hesitate to come to one another.....

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