A Wife In London (December, 1899)

Poem By Thomas Hardy

My dear netizens, poem hunter friends,
Accept my gratitude, your poems are godsend.
So many have made to my favourite list,
Full of wisdom, beauty, irony and wit.

I just log on, when I am feeling like a misfit,
Like true friends you never fail to uplift.
There is a secret I must in all honesty share,
Over the years I have acutely become aware.

No longer need to waste time with a therapist.
Who used to charge me large sum by the minute.
I know exactly what to read when I am feeling low,
One of you convinces me this won’t last till tomorrow.

you know what, you are absolutely right
before I know I am feeling happy and bright,
some of you are blessed with humour
I just get tickled and nolonger feel dour.

i travel to distant lands and with my mind's eye
feel the climes- heat, mist, snow and get a high
Its early November morning, I must log off now,
As the bright sunny morning beckon me somehow.


Comments about A Wife In London (December, 1899)

Nice poem mamta, keep writting
Hi Mamta! Lovely poem an sentiments! Way to go! To find friends that care and share Just click on PH - an we'll be there! And your right 'Poetry' - is the best 'therapy' ! Best wishes! *10*! ! Friend Thad
Well Madam I am in agreement with you, Count me in as a friend true! Poetry is a therapy by itself, What flows from the heart the good Lord does bless! Poetry therapy is more healing than laughter therapy, Please don't have doubts, - just try it out and see! -From Raj Nandy!
mamtaji, you said it...hats..offfffff.... education was of high esteem in this nation... but now if you read a serious book, people laugh at... if you watch a serious film, people laugh at... i don't know your face and you not mine... but we share a true bond, beyond fraternity... beyond love... beyond everything... the power of words...within or beyond grammar... life in poemhunter is sharing and caring.... it's something like a river joins with ocean... thanks....10++++++++++++++=
Mamta, I couldn't agree more with what you said and I am proud to have you as one of poemhunter friends. Good Poetry, good music and good friends who needs a therapist! Bob

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