My Dear Soul

Wake! Wake! ! Wake! ! !
Wake my dear soul
cleanse your face and look over there,
can't you see those souls?
Still sleeping and doozing
when its time to make greatness,
and that's how they would rest
solitary in peace.

Come come follow me
walk fast to see this vission.
Buckle up and walk up,
now look back and see
those struggling souls you've bit,
for they carry enormous load
for a race.

Look up there soul,
this ones wanna make me cry,
this ones make sad,
or can't you see what am seeing! ?
These are glorious ones like you
but there they are, soul
lying lifeless because of iniquities.

My soul, my dear loving soul,
some souls wanders around,
some souls suffers violence,
few feel pleseantly cool
whilst some cry and mutter
''what a life! ''.

Have you not heard?
Or have you not seen these trifles?
Now come back in me
and make me go on still...

by Micheal Olaniyi

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