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My Dearest Emile
PTG (LoL / Saigon, Vietnam)

My Dearest Emile

Fragile poetic soul distressed by haunting verses
Alone in wintry, sombre Montreal nights
Your angelic wings spread, you travel in solitude

'Soir d'hiver', dare to read it alone without quiet tears!
O, how I wish to travel in Nelligan's 'Le Vaisseau d'Or'!
To venture in the poet's garden of fallen dreams...

How sweet sorrows caress, lull the mind into oblivion
Autumn, snow, the Night, clear moons evoke sinister strokes
Angelic melodic rhymes resound melancholic tunes

Unending sorrows engulfed your youthful spirit
Confined to your darkened abyss until your final days
Yet your luminous verses forever roam the Universe.

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