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Secret Sins Of My Father

Alone you crept
Alone I wept
Oh Father,
the secret sins
I kept

The Father, who
Took my first kiss,
then sucked away
all my bliss
The Daughter, who
had to be dissed,
then locked away
in the mist

Tell me,
Do you remember this?

How you,
dear father caressed my breasts
with your fingertips?

Please say you remember this,
When you,
my father pressed your tongue
through my virgin lips.

Can you Confess this?
Or only Detest this?
When truth is..

Alone you crept
Alone I wept
When Father,
They were Your sins
that I kept

Exposed my eyes
Preached those lies
Pushed aside all
My Taboo Cries

Now you shall die
Where my
Scarlet Letter lies

Down through the dirt
Where you'll surely pay for my hurt
For the daughter's cries will be heard

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Comments (4)

great love poem............
I've read your poem with great interest. I like it very much. Jolanta
This is an amazing love poem. Your flow on the language is unblemished. And, the display of the emotions is so very honest.... I loved reading and feel it deserves more than just 10!
completely gprgeous poem my dear