My Dearest Nephew...

I remember rubbing you from your mother’s womb
Every minute she’d bawl for her belly saying “this pain ah kill me”!
With gentle hands I tickled your tummy
With loving hands I massaged your feet
With caring thoughts I rubbed your forehead
Not knowing you were in there saying thank you, Aunty!

Your journey to this world must have been lonesome
Bored in this dark and lonely thing, nothing to do nor see
But somehow you knew you were not alone
You knew this was not your permanent residence
That you would someday be free…
And mommy would no longer be in suspense

The day came when you were finally here!
Fear left and our hearts were filled with cheer
The sky, swollen with emotions from St.Kitts, Tortola and England!
You accomplished more work in 9 months than many do in their lifetime
You made mothers- grandmothers and siblings-uncles and aunts
You made grandmothers-great grandmothers and aunties and uncles -great

Although I haven’t seen you in person my Dearest Nephew
I look forward to holding, bathing, feeding and playing with you
To seeing you cry and making you laugh
Now 5 months and already a little man
But until then…see you soon,
Your biggest fan…
Aunty Chantal

by Chantal Gumbs

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Comments (3)

This must be your first Nephew. Lol. Very nice.
I can see that you really love your nephew. This is such a nice and warm poem.
Beautiful Chantal, this is beautiful and filled with feeling. Keep up the good works.