My Depression

Poem By Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

I hate escaping and those who do
Why should I be the one to escape
Why not you?

I hate turning my back on reality.
I'm willing to face it.
But at the same time
All I want to do is forget it.

I cannot ignore who I am,
And who I was born to be.
There are some things in life
That are simply bitter reality.

I want to change my past but its a part of me.
I hate the way it made me hard
I hate what you do to me.
You made me built a wall around my heart
Which once loved everything.

I hate the way I am self-conscious about myself and just about anything
And the way that my life has been.
I wish I can sleep one night without a single tear to wet my eyes.
Depression is just something I fail to disguise.

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Dear Go on it's very nice to read such poem in English by an arab poet

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