My Destiny

When I am happy,
bustling with successes in life,
When my dreams are fulfiiled,
with love and riches I desired,
I do not even think that,
my destiny brought me here,
I just give credit to myself.

When we meet our beloved,
when we start to love and miss each other,
why we give all the credit to fate and destiny?
We strove to get into that enchanted world,
we played all the rituals of the love acts,
There is no destiny,
we got into it by our own free will.

When we are sad,
with the miseries of life and death,
with broken dreams of happy life,
with tormented heart in our love oasis,
why we think that all of it was in our destiny?
Life is like an ocean wave,
it has low tides,
soon to be followed by the high tide,
All we need is faith and determination,
to get over the notion of our predetermined destiny.

Destiny does not shape our future,
we do by our deeds and actions,
I do not beleived in pre professed destiny,
because I shape my own destiny.

by Jay P Narain

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So true! The last part is such a great conclusion, I love the way you have built this poem, and also the comparison to an ocean wave! It's obviously your writing is for the mind and for the heart aswell! ~~Elya Thorn~~