Sing me a lullaby
Make it sad and slow
Fill each note
With all my misery and woe.

Sing me to sleep
So i can fly though my dreams,
These dreams of you and me.
Together, and, happy as could be.

Why do these things.
Only come true in my dreams?

The things that I see
Are starting to frighten me
I try to run away
And hide from my dreams.
But the thought of you and me
Is keeping me from leaving.

Suddenly I start to panic
Cuz I know this isn't real,
Seeing you, here with me
Theres just no way this can be.

AS I slowly slip to concieness
My fears begin to rise.
I know that this dream
Will continue all my life.

The same,
Every night,
This dream of you and me.

I see it over and over again
And it makes me want to scream
Theres just no way
I can escape from you.
Not even in my dreams.

by Jade in love

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