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(((My Dis-Ease)))

Down the road of sorrows bend-
Where my tears they run like rain-
The ache inside will not subside...
While my soul overflows with pain;

I cannot accept this sad destiny-
But know that i have no choice-
'Tis a taste of most bitter waste-
For my illness it has a voice;

It yells at me when i try to sleep...
It jabs at me while i am awake...
No amount of tears can erase my fears-
There 'tis no more happiness to make;

Every day 'tis a struggle and a challenge...
Never knowing whats 'round the bend...
Holding back the sorrows of my dreaded tomorrows-
Does nothing to prepare me for my end;

Each day of life that God gives unto me-
'Tis like a gift that heaven did send-
Even in the air of my deepest despair...
I hold dear all of my family-my friends;

During this most fervent test...
Where 'tis sometimes hard to breathe-
I battled the Beast with a most Godly feast...
And thank Him for all of the gifts i have received;

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