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My Disappearing Act
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

My Disappearing Act

If I have offended you,
That can only mean one thing!
You chose to enforce an impression on me.
With a familiar disrespect,
That is a part of your life without self reflection.

And if I offended you,
I've seen what you do too much.
And folks like you out of touch,
With an absorption of self?
I don't like.

Although I may not say that.
My disappearing act should express it!
You will not test my peace of mind.
Doing it I do not suggest,
One bit.
And if you find that offensive,
I do not give a...

'To those who know what I am saying?
You know what I am saying!
There is no point in explaining.
Some folks can agitate the evil out of others.'

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