My Disease

Poem By Dean Simpson

Here it comes, just count to ten
Shrouds of darkness over me
Im only at five
Take my hand and return me to peace
Im stuck under cloud
Of Anger, my disease...

Darkness has fallen
Red can be seen
Faith is not an option
Help me now, please
I can feel it bellowing beneath my soul
Help me... Please...

A volcano like eruption of Rage fills my head
My hands shake as the grip tightens
Im stuck on eight, its hitting me hard
Knocking away at the emotions
I tried so hard to hide away
Help me now, ten is too far away to say...

Its here! I cant see
Who are they, what did they do
I just know because its not me
Too many questions to be answered
Frustration tearing away at me, i still cant see
Quick, Help Me... Please... I cant see...

Flowing around like a violent current
Sweeping me away in it's wake
I cant breath anymore
Breathings becoming hard and i still cant see
Help me please, cant anyone hear me! ?

TEN! Too late, im lost already in a blinding fit of rage
Like a wild animal starved for weeks
Ive been realeased from my cage
Nothings stopping me, im just falling through
Why i enjoy, i dont know, im in control now
Tell me otherwise, its your life...

Whispers of hate and anger echo in my ears
My fists enraged with fire and pain
Eyes blood red and i still cant see
Now it doesnt matter, i can see in other ways
Im loose now and im a match from its box
Creating a forest fire, i should never have been let free...

Escape was the others option
And for those who do, God be with you
He abandoned me as he did the devil
Im a flame un-extinguishable
No saving me now
Ive already been burnt...

This is my disease...

Comments about My Disease

Ugh.. i love this poem. its great and alotta emotions are in this poem and its great because you showed every detail of the poem. great job keep it up. <3 Lynn<3

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