My Disease Is Contagious

My disease is my flight into the dangerous realms,
I just see caged birds, I just see caged birds.
Animals are full of contagious ailments,
If you do speak to these creatures a philosopher
Will meet you and think that you are insane,
And so the mental health suffers as he talks
And talks like a teacher of words and understanding.
This is my enjoyment, this is my learning
That masters my soul for the whole circle.

These are called catastrophes, disasters of the mind,
That cause rivers to flow ad infinitum.
You must have passions that are replicas,
And you enjoy the animal kingdom and botany
Of a world requesting your backup.
Death eventually arrives after declaring itself,
A man called Death is fully aware and observant
About the accordion you play,
From many illnesses and regalia.
The motivation to live is fully legitimate,
It is a craft to eye the learned men
And see what diseases spurn from
Each foothold, relying on your thoughts
And the being that is human.

by Naveed Akram

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