My Dog

'My dog'

My dog has been a source of comfort ever since we met
Every time he sees me he waggles his tail with excitement;
I have spent days and nights in his company with no regret
Our daily walks in the village can be the font of enjoyment.

Sitting in his corner always looking at me full of innocence
His pure eyes never tired at the sight of this wavering man;
I can't remember a day when he has not been of benevolence
Even guards my possessions and treasures like a policeman.

Keeping a distance he has not made me notice his bad breath
Never troubles enough to give me his excess hair and mange;
His companionship eclipses human friendship to near death
His selfless love and friendship asks for nothing in exchange.

He never judges me for my transgressions, lapses and vanities
Has never envied my happiness unlike empty pious tin pots;
His eyes show no shame of secretly counting my abnormalities
His beautiful mind is like a white raiment unlike human thoughts.

Copyright@ Javed Latoo 2014

by Javed Latoo

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A dog is its owner's most faithful best friend. They are never jealous when left alone at home, always happy when its owner is back. And if you spell its name backward, it's god. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.