My Dog, Spot

He's not very handsome; his coat is all shaggy.
He has soulful brown eyes, and a tail very waggy.
There's a spot on his head, and one on his back;
And his big, floppy ears are very curly and black.

There's no pedigree here; he's a mongrel all through;
But he has some of the traits of a thoroughbred too.
He bounds when I call, his eyes dancing with glee,
And his fondest delight is to serve and please me!

He's loyal and patient; doesn't clamor to be heard;
Never repeats what he hears, nor utters and unkind word.
He guards my domain when disaster is rife;
To protect me from harm, he would lay down his life!

he seeks no reward but a pat on the head,
A daily ration of food, and any kind of a bed.
I have a few friends, but the best of the lot
Is not as honest or true as my little dog, Spot.

by Cecilia W. Praetorius

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