My Dogs

My dogs will walk with me wherever I go
Not asking much of me, but loving me so
Unconditional emotions, cast forth my way
So much there to move me, most every day.

No matter my feelings, their senses inspire
Sitting so quietly, warmed by the fire
When pent up emotions bring stress to a height
They come to share love on a cold winter's night

My dogs will walk with me, and now an again
We all will get soaked in a downpour of rain,
We trudge through the fields or the woods for a while
They will do something crazy, that raises a smile

My Dogs are companions, and not just for me
Loving the days they share their company,
Sharing just everything, relaxing our mood
And all that they ask for, is walkies and food

by Phil Soar

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Dogs are wonderful friend of man since time immemorial and they are so faithful here you have explained about the dog in a beutiful manner thank you