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My Dream
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

My Dream

You come to me in my dreams
Unbidden, but not unwelcome
It is so real that the daylight
Cannot banish the feverishness of the night

Softly creeping into my subconscious
Becoming a part of my soul
I feel your soft caress on my warm skin
Your touch warming me within

I smell your sweet musky scent
I feel your soft, gentle touch
I feel your soft lips on mine
All thought suspended in time

I want you desperately, hungrily
My passion is ignited
I want to feel you, naked, beside me
I want you to cover me completely

I feel your hair brushing my face
I feel your mouth on my breast
As you move lower I start to tremble
The sweet torture is almost brutal

Your warm breath on my naked skin
Turns my blood to fire
Your tongue blazes a fiery trail
I hold my breath, scared to exhale

I feel your naked body cover mine
Your breasts pressed against me
Your body covering mine, every part
Until that moment when all reason departs

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