My Dream

Poem By Rudy Hossam

I had a dream
Every night I see it
It's just the two of us together
Talking, laughing for hours

You'd take me on a ride
And show me the greatest sites
You'd hold me tight
And whisper in my ears
Those three words
You know I wish to hear

You'd cheer me up
Let me cry when I need to
And you'd kiss off the tears
You'd let me be who I am
Without having to fake
You make my life worth living

But then it's time to wake
For five more minutes I wish to stay
At the end I get up
And face the fact
It's just a dream
If only you were there!

Comments about My Dream

very nice poem, lovely one i like it, well done
ahh plsnt write Rudy.........heart longing for love and care can be seen in your lines.....the last lines sayin its just a dream.........hmm awesome....10++ sebastine
niece poem. Please go ahead and put more.
Beautiful write..Dreams keep us alive and smiling..Sometimes dreams do come true..Keep on dreaming and keep on writing..

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