A Broom And The Sweepers

People from different societies
And states come to sweep
Using different types of
Yet competing for the
Same sweeping

For one to survive must
Hold firmly
As the beginning is rough
But the climax is

The decision therefore is
Either to stand the pressure
And hold firmly on it
Or not.

Such that at the end
Of the day
You are served like any
From the nobility
Prince or Clergy.

So then hold firmly
On your broom
For we are all sweepers
In our various capacities
Of life.

And must sweep steadily
Hard if we are to get
Something to eat.

Do not be like those
Who give up
Hence going back to
Their ancestral land
Empty handed.

With nothing to show
For the time and years
They have stayed in the
City center.

Otherwise work tirelessly
Hard to always keep among
Your fellow sweepers
and in the end

By holding firmly on your
Your sweeping habits
Will improve and your
Fruits will be proportionate
To your efforts you put in.

As those who fold their hands
And keep them crossed to
One another with
Their broom between
Them are in most cases
Caught up with time.

For time waits for no man
And so goes the saying
A day gone is a day lost and
That used sparingly
Is saved.

i therefore leave you
With the greatest say
As you decide either
To keep your broom or
Choose to steadily stand
With it.

By continuously sweeping
Not forgetting to put
God first in all you endeavors
Success and victory awaits
On the likes of your kind
For he God never fails
His people.

by Buyi Newton Philip

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