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My Dream
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My Dream

I dream of a world filled with peace and contentment,
I picture a land filled with laughter and smiles;
Ocean calm and the air is fresh.

Children outside playing with one another;
Mothers whipping up some of the finest and tastiest dishes
While the fathers are out set the tables and busy behind the grills….
Oh my grandpa playing his sack phones while grandma is busy playing the piano with all the little ones around her.

My dream!
Yes! It’s no dream at all….

I dream for mothers to stop crying,
I dream for fathers to stop running away from there own;
I dream for the sky to be clear like a bowl;

I dream for peace within my heart; I dream to be proud of who I am;
I dream for my joy and laughter to return to me;
I dream for answers and a light in my lamp that would never fade.

My dream! Ha….doesn’t not exist…people laugh at it, they say that isn’t a real dream.
They say little man open your big eyes this is what the world is like harsh, you can’t get everything you want your way; you must satisfy what is in front of you first then try to satisfy your goals. They say right now you need to provide food and clothing mostly they take away my childhood they take away my chance at gaining an education because I need to bring money home.

Ha..and they say my dream is not real….and sadly I must say its true;
Every day hundreds of children are forced to sell their bodies, their labours throw away their chance of gaining an education; some die before twenty from gangs; they die from hunger, drug over dose…….every day some young girl is found pregnant, and every second of the day some teenager is diagnosed with aids/hiv.
Ha and I say my dream is real…..
Ummm…..my dream has no where to fit in this world which man has defiled and torn apart….
My dream is what keeps some of us alive and going……
Ummmm…..my dream is the beginning of a change because I BELIEVE! ! ! ! ! ! !

December 18th 2009,

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