My Dream Car

Poem By Aiden Bird

My dream car would be a 2nd gen’ 2.5L Subaru Impreza WRX; the 2002 model to be exact. Manual, because it would be more fun to drive and easier to race with at tracks. I would have the 2-door Coupe, not the hatch-back or 4-door sedan. I would put a dirty big exhaust pipe on it. Have it the colour red, and give it a nice new body kit. Get reasonably low profile wheels on it, but not to low, because I don’t want to have to replace them every time I hit a pot-hole. I would not lower the suspension. This is because I still want to be able to drive over speed bumps, and the ones in Brisbane are fairly steep. The reason I would want a 2nd gen Impreza WRX is because they look and sound way better than the newest models.

I want the 2.5L engine because of the extra grunt. And a bigger engine means a deeper sound. WRX basically means it is turbo and that it will thrash any other standard Impreza. Subaru is a rally bred so that means you can expect that it has good performance has good grip on and off-road. The rear of the new Imprezas remind me of Hyundai, (which I’m not to keen on) . My model of Impreza though has nice big pronounced rear lights that look boss. Now talking about interior. I would install racing style seats that would cup your body, so you won’t slide around inside the cabin when cornering. And get racing style metal pedals. I would upgrade the engine so it is only ‘just legal’. I say this, because you can hot it up too much and it won’t be road worthy, because then it would be like a race car. Which is what WRX are used for in rally competitions.

This is ‘My Dream Car’. But this Lexus LFA I’m working on is somebody else’s dream car. It’s late at night at the Lexus garage and I’m just about to start draining the oils from this masterpiece of a vehicle. It’s a general service that doesn’t take too long. I pick up one of the tools, and start the task. I just finished draining the oils, I step towards my tool box. I feel a tickly feeling on my head. I reach for a spanner, then a huge hairy spider crawls over my face, my reflex is to swing my empty hand to wack it off, but without realising I swing the hand with the tool which becomes airborne, I hear a metallic clunk sound. I suddenly start to feel hot, anxious. I step to the side to look at what the spanner hit. There is a 30cm long scrape on the side of the LFA’s door. My worst fear.

“Shit! ” I say to my self. “Shit, shit, Shit, It scraped through the chrome vinyl and the paint! ! ! ”. What am I going to do, crap. No way is anybody else going to find out that a spider made me damage a car that’s worth over 300 grand. I quickly examine the damage closely to make sure what I said was true. It is. I turn to my tool box to see if I have anything that could help this horrible mistake. There! Standing behind me, my boss staring at me. I lost feeling to my head and limbs, I could only feel my heart pounding. He has a blank face, and then tightens it to a smile. “Now who’s going to pay for that? ” the Boss asks. “I…”, “I know… a spider scared you and you flung the tool at the car”.

“How did you know? ” I went to the surveillance room to see if you were still working, then saw the accident”, he explained. “Well, what do I do? ” now my face is feeling hot again, so anxious to overcome this problem. “What you need to do, is take a chill pill, because you got pranked! ” He starts laughing. “What! ? ”, “It was just a joke, the guys dropped a spider onto your head then put a fake scrape on the door! ”, “But what about the clunk sound? ” I ask puzzled, “It hit the jack” He explained. “But how did I not see them? ”, “You’ll never knowwwww” he exaggerates. “ok then”. “Bye, just do the rest of the work tomorrow; it’s too late”, “okay”. I really don’t understand what just happened tonight. I guess that explains why I just woke up in hospital.

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