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My Dream Of Reality
MN (11-08-1970 / )

My Dream Of Reality

Last night I was awake
while all the others slept.
I left my bed and wandered
through the house we've neatly kept.

I went from room to room
and with each creaking door.
I saw my dreams from childhood.
I wasn't sleeping anymore.

I saw the son I dreamt of
riding bikes and playing ball.
He is so young and handsome.
He's going to have it all.

My daughter's looked so peaceful
just beauty at it's best.
I've done nothing to deserve them.
How could I be so blessed?

As I looked around the house
and wandered back to bed
I knew then how my dreams came true
as my husband sleepily said.....I love you.

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Comments (11)

GREAT poem, Mary! How's that for reality! ! Brian
'I've done nothing to deserve them.' Really Mary? Really?
Just over halfway sifting through your posted popems. Your style certainly seems very popular. Maybe I should adopt it? Keep at it Mary
And did you hear the pin that the angel dropped? H
sirene, calm and lovely poem... :) Kudos
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