My Dreamless Sleep

I am in a sleep so deep
Never you try to wake me up
I would like you not to lose
I am in a sleep, a dreamless sleep.

I roamed all day,
And went all way;
Chasing down the dawn;
Chasing down the dawn.
I stopped nowhere
Till I lost my way.

I wandered again
In search of my way
On the peaks and vales,
Plateaus and plains,
Through the trees and herbs,
Flowers and thorns,
Listening to the cuckoo's song
And the jackal's cry.

I travelled all day
With no memory of my chase.
Who am I? who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where do I go?

As a bee for honey
and miser for money
my journey continued
Now to know who I am?
Joy and sorrow, smiles and wails,
Life and death, womb and tomb
Saw I all the way.

I came to a halt at the end of the day
For now I know who I am.

I lie silent and solemn
Under the starry sky.
The cuckoo still sings
The Jackal still howls
But I am no more to hear.

I am in a sleep so deep
Never you try to wake me up
For, the greatest of the great lies beside me.

I say unto you,
The truth I found

"Life is a bubble,
it ends where it starts."

This be the epitaph you grave for me:
She lies in peace, safe and secure,
Gladly did she live, so does she leave
Her song is in the air,
Only a seeker like her can hear.

The seeker is sought and the hunter is hunted.

by Bhuvaneswari Krishna

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