My Dreams & My Fears Are Fightin Each Other.

I'm Tryin My Hards To Be On The Same Page But Sometime's Its Like Were Plyin The Same Old Game's.
My Dreams & My Fears Are Fightin Each Other, Who Do I Have When I Really Never Had A Father Or A Mother.
I Can't Turn To My Little Brother And I Truly Do Love Tyler & His Mother, It's Like Were In A War With Each Other
But He Needs Both His Father And His Mother To Be Strong And Be There Not Jus For Him But For Each Other. I Pray To God That We Can Stop Fightin With Each Other. I'm So Tired Of Fightin My Self, I Look To God To See What He See In Myself As I Look At Tyler I See A Lot Of Myself God Gives Everyone Problems To Figure Out There Self. So I Jus Pray To God Everything Can Work Out It's Self. Me And Tyler Share Some Of The Same Dreams Be On The Board Walk As A Family Eating Ice Cream, My Dreams & My Fears Are Fightin Each Other. My Biggest Fear Is Me Not Love Tyler Like My Father Didn't Love Me Or My Mother. My Dreams & My Fears Keep Fightin Each Other Is It To Much To Ask For To Be A Family & Love One Another.

Writin 3-22-09
By: Tavares Battie

by Tavares Battie

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