My Drug Of Choice



You say good morning with a lilt in your voice,
darling, your love is my drug of choice,
when ever I see you, I get very high,
my drug of choice, no money can buy,
you're not habit forming, but my way of life,
no one could beat you as my loving wife,
my mind gets so fuzzy, and I really can't think,
not from smoking a joint and not from a drink,
just from the look in your loving eyes,
your wonderful smile, is the very best prize,
your exotic beauty is natural and true,
there is no added enhancements, it's all purely you,
I need no precriptions to make me feel good,
just one look at you, makes me feel like I should,
I don't need a needle piercing my skin,
my drug of choice is always within,
there is never hangovers or any bad trips,
I get my high from kissing your lips,
with my arms around you, I'm on cloud nine,
just holding your hand makes me feel fine,
your love and mine really do mix,
giving you love is my daily fix,
so tell me good morning with the lilt in your voice,
and always remember you're my drug of choice.

written by Harry Bryant
10/13/03 2: 18: 52 PM �

By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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