RL (01-10-1987 / California)

My Edition: Ice Cream Poem


Like the cherry on top of my ice-cream sundae cone-
He is my summit prized possession!
He has a physique of yummy ness to hold him up
As he melts his way to my orifice
He sticks to me like caramel syrup-
Sticky sweet but obsessively addictive
Taste so devilishly sweet as my tongue follows the circulation of the chocolate swirls
My tongue churns round and round the vanilla emulsion -
So selfish that sharing isn't even considered a proposition!
Mine! All mine- don't even think about touching! ;)
The frostiness with sweet caramel was blissful contentment!
The balance of chocolate cavernous into my desires
The dripping of caramel dancing in my mouth
The melting of cold, wintry vanilla creme-
Dripped down between the midst of my breast
So significantly adequate for me to overlook the mess...
My sensual cure for the hot sunny days-
Cools me down yet in the most lavishing way
When I poignant or need a boost-
Always count on you to crave the sweetest tooth
Outside- may be hard and may be rough
Yet inside- sweet and tempting-
My heaven rogue...
Best part is the center with mouthful of kiss-
Bite your way down- while consuming the pieces left
The taste still on your lips and the caramel still teases you mouth-
Lick you lips for the taste stills lingers in your core desires..
Reminiscing how you devour the last deliciously tasting indulgence-
Closed eyes and deeply sign of satisfaction..
Catch my breath and bit my lip, then twirl my tongue to taste the finished creation
Mmmm.....now that was pure wicked elation.

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