My Emotions Are Not Blind


My emotions are not blind not to see your love,
my ears are not deft not to hear your earnest scream,
My heart could smell your sweet love scent,
My nose is wide and could perceive your present,
My eyes are wide open to see you begging the heavens for our everlasting unity,
My legs could walk through the world to bring you close,
My hands cannot stop stressing to kiss your gentle palm,
My lips are all dried waiting for yours to keep it wet,
And my teeth all waiting to grind your tears away and swallow up your painful moment.
Here I am wishing to hold the one I love,
Neither in dream nor in crazy ecstasy of doom imagination and fantasy,
But in reality of living Homo sapiens in love to an everlasting call. My dear one,
Though distance may want to be a Judah in our midst,
Amidst our sincere and great love,
It won't succeed as your present is always answered in my heart.
As light is greater than darkness so is my love for you greater than all storms and obstacles.
I besiege you with love and unending care,
So you come to know that no greater love could evolve from anywhere around the world.
I love you more than what a drum filled with diamond could offer. And with my singing voice I do call your name hoping that this call will draw us close till the last page of the world open on us.

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