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My Ending?
DW ( / Ireland)

My Ending?

All my life I have been waiting for rainbows,
with moonbeams and love lights that glow,
but you, like others just watch me come and go,
now I am out in the rain, standing in the shadows,
Which way to turn, Lord I guess I'll never know.
Guilty of sins I wished I had never done,
wasted time is like playing with a loaded gun,
my love was never caught, always on the run,
my days and nights where spent the same missing the one,
dark clouds are here and never again to see the rise of the sun.
I cant take this hurt no more, only one thing remains,
how I wish I could've found you to ease my brain,
just this broken man is left and my heart feels the pain,
as I say good night, I feel no shame,
as this feeling grows inside me like a hurricane.
A hand full of pills and a bottle is all I need,
sit back, and watch my soul leave,
slit back and watch myself bleed,
I exit this world of demons and greed,
don't cry for me, please don't grieve.

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