The Changing Of Life.

There's times I sit and wonder why
all I seem to do is cry.
They tell me its my time of life,
I can't give up I have to fight.

I used to be so high on life,
now its all trouble and strife.
I cry for help but its not heard
perhaps its in the written word.

I contemplate what I will do
perhaps give up could be for me.
I shake myself and say out loud,
what about my family.

My family who love me dear
stay around so they are near.
They are there for me through thick and thin
they love me to much for me to give in.

Now spring has come and I can see
my lifes not over there's time for me.
To watch my grandchildren and have some fun.
To sit and watch the lowering sun.

Now the darkness has left my life
it's time to help others in strife.
Come on over I will make the tea,
let it all out and you will see that
sharing is a really good remedy.

by Lynn Murfett

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