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My Ephemeral Love
EW (11/01/1985 / Winston Salem, North Carolina)

My Ephemeral Love

Poem By Elizabeth Walker

In the dust abandoned and used,
she was left for dead harshly bruised.
Red handprints on her face,
this world's and awful place.
Now all she really needs in life is God's loving tender grace.

But she can't be helped she's too lost to be saved;
her life's worthless anyway.
What can he do with a girl who just plays dirty games?

Kill my ephemeral love.
Take me out of life's cruel push and shove.
I dont want the games and I dont want the fame
for wrongs I've done and now all I feel is regret and shame.

Then you came along and your sunshine caught my eye.
You're so full of compassion I sometimes can't help but cry.
Now you've killed my ephemeral love.
I name you my peace dove.
In my world full of chaos you were sent from up above.

God's grace from up above
killed my ephemeral love.

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