KOL ( / Los Angeles)

My Erotic Love....Never Let Go.

Subdue me.
Engulf me.
Take me to the land where pleausures of the heart roam..

Your hair, a scarf swallowing my neck.
Your scent a tender, erotic reminder of what's to be.

Stimulate every pore.
Create every dropp of sweat.
Take me to an ocean of my own waters.

Whisper to me.
Shout your love for me.
Look down on me from your hovering wave of eroticism.

Hold me. Touch me.
Promise to never let go.
Don't ever leave me.
Give me your definitive promise.

To Love me.
For who I am.
For me.

The beauty and the beast.
Hold me. A tiny striving bird wounded laying in your hand.
Don't ever let go..

I Think I love you...........

by Kid of Los Angeles

Comments (2)

Nice poem, full of passion. Only the person in real love could write such an erotic poem.
What a terrefic display of your erotic tendencies. Nice poem, thanks, melvin