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My Esslemont Queen
DW ( / Ireland)

My Esslemont Queen

You say your heads wrong and all over the place,
mine's isn't that perfect either, I confess,
a little crazy, but, I know what is written in this heart of mine,
so how can you just let me walk on by?
There's no denying the life that's around you,
broken, little pieces that cut right through,
to the soul, I know I wont forget no matter how hard I try,
so how can you just let me walk on by?
Time is a healer, time isn't everything I know,
I know how I feel, it isn't to surreal to show,
the real you, comeback to you, Lord I cried,
so how can you let me walk on by?
Mending on your own, can turn your heart to stone,
take my hand, let me help you, for you are not alone,
with internal scars, I've had my fair share in the past,
let me hold you, let me catch those fallen tears, so fast.
I'd gladly hear you, your voice has always been gentle on my mind,
lets hug away the pain, let me wipe those tears that leave you blind,
50 reasons you gave me and oh I love them so, but not one to leave,
I'm at my hearts own funeral, I'm alone and sad with grief.
I'm missing you, with every passing day, my lonely heart sighs,
for only one reason, but you just want me to pass you on by.

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a sad poem of being passed by? well written.