VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

My Eternal Angel

The bluest sky will open up just like a window to let you in,

you will be the eternal breeze in my life.

just like a daisy in the sun,

my lips will bloom with smiles,

you will be my angel without wings,

i'll make you laugh all the day,

i'll sing a song to make you sleep,

i'll hold you close to my heart with a hug so deep,

holding your hands will be just like holding a cherry blossom flower,

i will hide all my lies,

before Ur sweet lil eyes,

I'll crawl with you until the day you walk,

I'll learn your language till the day you talk,

your smiles will be my heaven, my eternal love.

Your kisses will be my salvation,

I'll call you by the name i most loved, till the day you select your own.

My baby girl, I'll be yours 4ever!

(this poem is for my little baby girl whom I have planned to adopt)

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