My Ever Loving Brother Deva.....

The moment you were born
We were all happy to see you
You were precious gift to us from God
My mother held you in her arms
You were charming and we named you Deva
We hugged you a sign of affection and love
We hugged you a sign of little loving baby
You were growing up as special person
We took so much care about you
But your death brought us a great shock
I asked God why did my brother have to die
Our tears of sadness still roll over our eyes
And sad for our mother who believes you are still alive
I know when nature calls one has to leave this world
On that day I will meet you in the same world where you are
But till then my tears will not stop for you.......
My ever loving brother Deva.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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ravi, pain and poetry we do share...............