My Everyday Heroes

Poem By Dee Daffodil

Time and time again
They've fought off beasts
They've snatched me back
From vicious jaws
That I might live again

They've soothed my brow
And healed my soul
And made me whole
And filled with peace
That I might live again

Time and time again
They've stood by me
Through thick and thin
Through grief and joy
That I might live again

They are my heroes
Every one
They are my pride,
My joy,
My solace
They are...
My family.

Dee Daffodil (HW) 3 March,2007

Comments about My Everyday Heroes

You'/r so lucky having a loving family like that. I hope they keep being there for you in the future. This poem was georgious. Keep writing.
It is nice that you can feel this way about the people who should be closest to you.
Dee.. thank you for reminding me, and others, of this. Those of us who can relate to this are blessed indeed - I'm one of them. Those who can write such a from-the-heart, memorable tribute are talented indeed. You're it. t x
Dee, Sometimes those folks are just plain irritating, aren't they? Dealing with those day to day things, and then they just haul off and love you like that! It just makes it tough to keep a bad attitude going, after you worked on it all day!
A wonderful poem, Dee! We so often take family for granted... they truly are 'everyday heroes.' Brilliantly stated! ! Brian

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