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My Everything
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

My Everything

tall and dark
sensuously beautiful
the words he speaks
to me as i lie wrapped up safe and
warm in his arms makes me cry.
i hide my tears by burrying my face
in his chest and remembering how i cherish
every moment i'm with him.
seductively he whispers in my
ear telling me how he loves me and how
he shivers when he holds me.
i memorize the sparkle in his baby blue
eyes, the delectable way he smells and the way
his short blonde hair feels as i run
my fingers through it. i memorize the
sweet tenor of his voice as he begs me to
stay or the way his lips taste when
they are pressed to mine. most memorable
is the feeling i get every time his lips and teeth graze
the sensitive skin of my neck, makeing me whimper and
plead for more. to me he's an angel, he's my everything.

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