My Everything

You're my eyes
Just to see,
Your love for me.

You're my emotions
When I feel,
I'm head over heel.

You're the beat
To my heart,
The 'goodbye' to my part.

You're the tears
To my cry,
When I say 'goodbye'.

You're the center
Of my soul,
You make me whole.

In my world
The core,
Don't need much more.

You're the happiness
In my laughter,
And the smile right after.

You're my feelings
To tell,
How far I fell.

You're the courage
To my fear,
Always need you near.

You're the taste
On my tongue,
And the air in my lung.

You're the air
In every breath,
Without that-death.

You're the brain
In my head,
Without you I'm dead.

You're the right
To my wrong,
The melody in my song.

You're the voice
When I sing,
You're my Everything.

by shaynz kanoa

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