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My Evolving Process
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

My Evolving Process

For clarification purposes.
And a kept reminder for myself,
I am who I am.
There have been times I have neglected,
That perception and concept to accept....
Those blemishes and flaws,
I too closely inspect.
But there is no other package I wish,
Could or would better represent the 'me'...
I present.
Take or leave it.
But I will not be the one losing any sleep.
Unless my efforts to endeavor,
Have not yet reached my expectations.
And when that happens and often it does,
That battle is my own to win.
To condone a decision I make.

Take or leave is where I am,
At this stage of the age I've come to experience.
My evolving process does not involve solving,
Someone else's issues to conclude...
Why or for what reason who has attitude.
God did not intend I spend my mission,
Ignoring a minute of it.
Like so many deciding who next,
They should waste their time to satisfy.
Take it or leave it.
But I am doing the best I can to better represent,
The me I know to have grown...
To leave my evolving process left as is.
For clarification purposes and a kept reminder.
Take or leave it.
I am who I am...blemishes, flaws...
And no excuses made.

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