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My Ex- Boyfriend

I met this guy
i told him a lie
i love him so
i'm such a hoe
he's really a she
it must be me

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Ummmmmmmmm........ yeah... I think I agree with every1 else here lol.
This is so very poignant and the indescribable pain. Such angst. It could have been written on Santa Monica Blvd. in LA. Fortunately, Paris, (may I call you Paris?) you discovered the deception in time and before contracting a social disease. I've known models and photo assistants who didn't discover, until it was too late, that a boy wasa girl, and a girl was a boy, at Barnie's Beanery.
a true meaning to patheticness, unable to keep a steady state of mind and a relationship with your ownself. pahetic as what ever one could call this
i so agree with bluw-eyed blonde. i did not think you could get stupider by reading something but i guess you just proved that wrong. plz be kind and stop writing
wow so u make love to urself, interesting but none of use care about ur pathetic lack of a real life
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