My Ex- I Want To Hurt Him

My ex is having a grant time
I am not!
What a waste of time
I don’t get it
Why can’t I let go
I always seem to get a fit
I just don’t know

Why is he so mean toward me?
I really didn’t do anything wrong
It just can’t be
I have these feelings for so long
It’s tearing me apart
I know it’s selfish of me; I still love him so much
And I still feel it in my heart
I want to feel that sensual touch
A part of me wants him back
But He hates me a lot
Sometimes I just get this rage of anger and want to attack

Its just not fear
I am here at home
He doesn’t even care
And I hate feeling so alone
I share so many things with him, I give him my heart
And He promise not to break it at all
He rips it apart
And I took the fall
How can time heal it anyway?
Mommy says, “The time will come when you’ll fall in love again
But if love supposes to feel like this, I do not wish it on me any day

by Margo Reid

Comments (2)

Good poem and good advice from Patricia, remember though, that men are strange, your poem reminds me of the saying as a child, about the boys who pulled your plaits, they were the ones that really liked you. Enjoy your child and chill out, nothing ever stays the same. A good thing to remember when you feel low. It is very true. Did you mean 'fair' instead of 'fear'? They both work well. 10 from Tai
As a great mentor once said, 'It's ok to think those things, just don't do them.' So it's ok, think on. Nicely written. Patricia